Friday, 20 January 2012

I am Waving an Imaginary Red Card....

By Lee Jaundrell   20/1/12
I am waving an imaginary red card to all the fools who are in so much outrage at players/managers who wave imaginary cards.
Apparently waving this imaginary card is worse than an out of control two-footed tackle which could finish a players career. Why are you so outraged? Is asking for a player to be booked or sent off so wrong, even worse than the offence which this card is being asked for?
I heard Andy Gray on Talksport even go as far to say that Mancini asking for a player to be sent off on the sidelines with suitable Italian hand gestures was worse than Rooney running and screaming hands raised in a referees face. How? Why? Where? When? etc.....
When I was 14 or 15, due to a couple of players being late, I was asked to turn out for a local pub side. The basic instructions I was given, was to run around a lot and claim for everything. Every throw in, every corner, every foul. “REF” was being screamed all game long, but this was the norm of sunday league football. If the referee wasn’t sure, he may just go with the side that screamed the loudest. Claiming for a corner which you clearly know is a goal kick is surely much worse than asking a referee to book someone who has hacked you down for the tenth time.
Mancini is doing nothing wrong in my eyes, nor is any player who asks a referee to take action for an offence committed. But we’re English and we don’t do that, do we? It does feel that there is a bit of little englander about the whole commotion caused by this, which appears to be what this season has been all about so far.
I am still waving an imaginary red card. Now shut up and get on with the game.