Friday, 30 September 2011

The 10 Best Premier League Players Right Now

By Lee Jaundrell   30/9/11

An unbiased view (well I tried to be unbiased)
No.10 - Yohan Cabaye - Newcastle
When everyone predicted a tough start, the former captain of the French Champions settled everything down and help move the geordies into the top 4. I’d have him in my team ahead of Nolan or Barton any day.
No. 9 - Edin Dzeko - Man City
Did you see the 4 goals against Spurs?
No. 8 - Nani - Man Utd
A bit of a pansy but sure knows how to light up a game with skill, flair and finishing ability
No. 7 - Ramires - Chelsea
A slow start to his Chelsea career last season, but looks every inch a Brazilian international now. Hard working box to box midfielder who is scoring his fair share of goals too.
No. 6 - Sergio Aguero - Man City
Scoring goals for fun in the new look attacking Man City team, and looking worth every penny of the £38million they paid for him. An off game against Bayern keeps him out of the top 5
No. 5 - Ashley Young - Man Utd
Young has fitted straight into Man Utd. He looked a good player at Villa, but looks a great player at Utd, linking brilliantly with Rooney.
No. 4 - Vincent Komany - Man City
Unsung hero (though not to me) of Man City’s great start to the season, a rock in their defence. The guy is achieving everything Football Manager 05 predicted for him.
No. 3 - Luis Suarez - Liverpool
Every Liverpool fan I know would have him at number 1, and they wouldn’t swap him for any other player in the world with the exception of Messi. The guy is just mental. An example of Suarez’s character can be epitomised by one moment in the game against Bolton, leading 3-0 the game done and dusted, Jaaskelainen picked up what looked to be a back pass. Suarez claimed profusely to the referee, the linesman, to everyone he could, like it was the final minute of a World Cup final poised at 0-0, and the Liverpool fans loved him for it.
No. 2 - Wayne Rooney - Man Utd
Held off from the number 1 spot due to currently being injured, though a return is imminent. Rooney is in the form of his life, scoring goals for fun, and dominating every opposition he is coming up against. This isn’t a vintage Man Utd team around him, which makes his achievements so far this season even more remarkable. 
No. 1 - David Silva - Man City
Just watch him, just watch him play football. The movement, the passing, the vision. He is delight to watch and I would presume a delight to play with. How good is the Spain midfield if this gem of a player isn’t guaranteed a place in their starting line up?
He is scoring goals, he is creating goals, and he is a constant menace. The way he floats across the field, always looking for space between the opposition’s defence and midfield is astounding, head up searching for that little pass, or a sway of the hips to open up a shooting chance for himself. Class
And the worst... Carlos Tevez - Man City
No matter how good a player you are when you’re on the pitch, you’re no better than me (I’m not even good enough to be described as a pub player) when you’re sat on the bench refusing to play.

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